These are our school policies. Please click on any of the links to download our policy documents.

All of our policies are reviewed and updated by the staff and governors on a regular basis:

Anti racism 2018

Anti-bullying policy 2018

Art and Design 2018

Assessment policy 2018

Attendance Policy 2018

Behaviour policy 2018

British values

Calculations Policy September 2018

Charging policy 2018

Code-of-Conduct 2018


Confidentiality 2018

Curriculum policy 2018-19

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy 2018

English policy 2018

Equality Policy 2018

E-safety policy 2018

Finance Policy 2018

Governors-Code-of-Conduct 2018

Governors-Expenses-Policy 2018

Health and Safetypolicy 2018

Highgate Assessment details 2018-19

Highgate Punctuation and Grammar Key PDF

Marking and feedback Policy 2018


Safeguarding 2018



Sex and Relationships Policy 2018

Supporting-pupils-medical-needs 2018-19

Prevent Strategy