Magic Maths!

Here at Highgate Infant School we constantly strive to develop confident, enthusiastic and highly motivated learners who are articulate, resourceful, and reflective young mathematicians. As a school we talk about maths as being ‘magic’ and that there is  a continued emphasis on promoting the enjoyment and celebration of the subject with children being encouraged to see themselves as ‘mathmagicians’.

Our recent pupil interviews showed that children here at Highgate Infant School enjoy their maths and display positive attitudes towards the subject. The videos and resources on this page are to support our families with understanding how maths is taught at school and to enjoy maths together. 

number bonds

Number bond parent booklet                 Magic maths number bonds


We have been focussing on learning our addition and subtraction facts to 5, 10 and 20. The School Council have made some videos to show how we have been learning these at school.

Addition facts to 10 using resources to help

Video 1 addition facts numiocn







Commutative law (addition can be done in any order)








Inverse (addition and subtraction can ‘undo’ each other, they are inverse calculations)








Links to videos to show methods and concepts taught in Year 2:


Links to videos to show methods and concepts taught in Year 1: