Roots and wings curriculum

Through our curriculum we aim to provide children with knowledge and skills to support their development (‘roots’), as well as opportunities to enhance their aspirations and develop individually (‘wings’); creating personalised learning experiences for the children in our local community. We call this our ‘Highgate Roots and Wings’ curriculum. If you would like to find out more about our schools curriculum please speak to a member of staff.



Please click on the link above to find details of how different subjects are taught within the school.

Further details of our curriculum content can be found under each class page.


Magic Maths

Are you Highgate Maths Magician? Visit the Magic Maths page to see videos of our ‘magic maths’ in school

Highgate Assessment

In creating our ‘Roots and Wings’ curriculum and in light of National Curriculum expectations from 2014 Highgate staff have worked hard to trial,  adapt and create assessment tracking systems and criteria which support our curriculum and enable our pupils to succeed. An overview of our assessment can be found below.

Highgate Assessment details 2019-20