Playing, singing, talking and sharing books are just some of the ways you can help your child to develop. What you do together has a big impact on your child’s future success. For fun activities and advice on how you can play and discover together visit

Below is the home learning for Autumn 1. Please try to complete at least 4 of these challenges with your child and share via tapestry. Thank you.

Year 1 Home Learning Menu Autumn 1

Below are the resources you can use at home to help with your children’s phonics learning.

Caption-Action-Cards High-Frequency-Word-Cards Tricky-Troll-Cards 

The ‘caption action’ cards can be used to check your child’s understanding of each sound. On the back of each sound card is the caption and action used with it to practise along with some words they can write with that sound in it. Going over all sounds will help! 


The ‘high frequency word cards’ need to be practised as much as possible. They are all the words your child needs to be able to read and spell by the end of year 1. 


The ‘tricky troll cards’ also show words that need to be learnt by the end of year 1. They are words that need to be recognised and earnt without being able to sound them out, so may need some extra practise.

In the event of school closures, please check tapestry for a weekly update of home learning challenges linked to what we would have been learning at school.


Other useful websites:

All children have been given a login for the link to the website above. They have been given a new copy of their code. This is a fantastic resource to encourage children to read in a very fun way.

Due to the coronavirus, the ‘phonics play’ website and all resources are now free so please take full advantage of the fantastic resources. It is great for revising and applying phonic knowledge. It includes sentences to practise and a range of games.



The link above will re-direct you to the Oxford reading Owl website, where you will find lots of online reading books and some great comprehension activities.


Y1 Home learning week beginning 11th January