Results by means of execution at the beginning of the year the Crimea and Primorsky Krai

They became known to the expected government departments of the Crimea and Primorsky region the amount of tax obligations by gambling sector. It was also published figures on executed in the budget for the previous year.

 According to reports published by the Ministry of Finance for 2020 from the gambling sector is expected introduction in the budget of a little more than 11 million rubles. At the same time in January of the local gambling market received 392 thousand. Rub. Total for the implementation of the tax plan for the remaining 11 months is necessary to make more than 10.5 million rubles.

 In the period from January to December 2019 the sum of the expected funds also did not exceed 11 million rubles. During the year, the gambling industry exceeded the plan by more than 550 thousand. Rub. and contributed to the budget of 11.6 million rubles.

 By the way, the Serbian Minister of Finance plans to raise taxes for the online sector as well.

 According to a report in the March 1, published on the website of the government of Primorsky Krai, in January and February of this year, due to the sector of gambling state budget was replenished by more than 20.7 million rubles. During the period of the four quarters of the government is expecting more than 132 900 000 rubles. Thus, the amount of outstanding funds today is RUB 130,100,000.

 It is also known that the assigned amount for the previous year differ slightly. In 2019 the gaming sector was expected from more than 131 900 000 rubles. tax deductions. For all four quarters it was made 129.5 million rubles. Thus, the amount of outstanding funds was more than 2.3 mln.

 Recall, first became known tax deductions Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov regions.

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